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Rapid Recovery Series, Session VI: Managing Supply Chain Risks in a Post COVID-19 World

This session covers the current lessons learned about supply chain performance during the pandemic. Specifically, this will address three questions:

1. What have we learned about supply chain agility and adaptability during a global pandemic? (The platinum rule.)

2. What three things should every business be doing right now to build supply chain resilience? (The gold standard.)

3. What are the supply chain opportunities for growth and value creation right now? (The silver lining)

The goal of this session, presented by Indiana University Kelley School of Business Clinical Professor of Operations and Decision Technologies Carl Briggs, is to give participants an honest assessment of supply chain pandemic performance, extract the important lessons learned, and to identify specific strategies that can be adopted to improve supply chain performance and manage supply chain risk going forward. More importantly, participants learned to identify opportunities for growth and value creation that are emerging out of our COVID-19 experience.

See the full video below.

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